About Me

My name is Andrew Bell, and I am a full-stack developer at 1904labs, located in St. Louis, MO. At 1904labs we help clients develop solutions from the envisioning phase through to deployment. We’re using the latest tools to build responsive web apps, efficient back ends, and cloud operations tools. We focus on agile principles and practice human centered design.

My Favorite Tools

Spring Boot, which allows me to rapidly build and deploy applications. Tied closely with the rest of Spring’s framework, Spring Boot allows me to implement a wide range of tools and features. Spring Boot’s opinionated approach means I can design with minimal configuration and boilerplate, yet be extensible and flexible as my needs grow. Tightly integrated testing frameworks enable test driven development.

AngularJS, with it’s most recent version 2 installment paired with ES6 and TypeScript, is a robust and simple way to develop responsive web applications. Adding class and types really speeds development by leveraging IDE tools, and adding clarity to what can be a chaotic world of web development. Modern languages like Angular allows me to keep my Java server side, where it belongs, while providing a rich user experience like never before.

ReactJS, creates code that is easily componentized, and allows for easy code re-usability. Coupled with Redux for state management, React can quickly build web apps that can be easily tested and reused.

Bootstrap, because now even I can now design great looking mobile first websites.

Docker, which has completely changed the industry. Utilizing containers allows me to fully extend Java’s mentality of “write once, run anywhere”, ensuring that I have scale-able, environment agnostic containers to host applications.

Jenkins, my own personal butler helping me build, test, and deploy my applications. With a little elbow grease, implementing continuous delivery is a snap, and allows me to deploy good code quicker.

About Me

I work best in open environments that give me flexibility to work where and how I want. My background in pair programming has taught me the value of teamwork to build understandable, supportable, clean code bases.

I initially got my start in development thanks to LaunchCode, and now I volunteer by mentoring new rounds of candidates, as well as instructing the LC101 class.

I also like to attend local meetups, like St. Louis Java User Group, Angular Lunch, Code Until Dawn, and 2600.

I attended St. Louis Community College where I received my Associates in Applied Science for Information Systems Software Development. At STLCC, my focus languages were Java, C++, and Visual Basic. I also focused on web development, UNIX, security, and accounting.

In my free time, I enjoy board games, like X-Wing the Miniatures Game, and sharing fine whiskey with friends.

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  1. Higgi says:

    This was an enlightening blog. I was wondering if, in your free time, do you also juggle puppies ?

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